"In this market 'good enough' simply isn't.  Too many companies are so focused on survival that they lose sight of their broader goals.  Our process is to start at the beginning and work our way forward, helping to ensure that all necessary resources and actions are implemented to achieve our clients' objectives."
Philip Simmons 

The Simmons Group team of professionals assists their clients in enhancing profitable operations by providing expertise and project management in every area deemed necessary to maximize the client company's profitability.  We enhance organizational and project efficiencies by helping to control costs, evaluate the most effective allocation of resources, work to preserve and build new relationships, teach client companies how to "run lean", and assist in team training to deal with the new market realities.

Our scope of services provided will always be customized for the specific needs of the organization and will remain flexible as circumstances change.   

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Our Services

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Organizational Management and Leadership

We will ensure that the most efficient organizational structure is maintained for each operating department based upon an approved business plan.

We can assume bottom-line accountability for all Company operational goals.

We can manage the selection of key consulting team members as needed to meet business plan objectives.

We can assist management in establishing operational standards, and ensure that all Company personnel and consulting team members comply with modeling the Company’s values, vision and operating principles.

We can help ensure that all Company personnel and consultants implement company-identified best practices in all phases of the Company’s operations.

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Industry and Civic Relations

We can effectively represent the company in civic, political and industry activities, generating positive public relations opportunities in the communities in which the Company builds.

We will identify and utilize only top-value outside consultants and experts who can provide innovative ideas, concepts and solutions to the organization to maximize efficiency and profitability.

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Project Design

We can help ensure the Company is providing market-leading value for all projects, consistent with the identified homebuyer, tenant, or retail tenants' profiles and preferences.

We will continually investigate innovative products and techniques in the development and construction industry, and make changes as appropriate to meet market preferences and establish competitive advantages.

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Strategic/Financial Management

We will work with Company staff to develop long and short-range business plans in conjunction with thorough and ongoing consumer research and market analysis, consistent with the Company mission statement and operational standards, and reflective of Company underwriting standards.

We will assist in developing measurable standards for achieving sales/leasing goals, gross revenues, gross profit margins and net profit margins per the financial projections set forth in the business plan.  On a monthly basis, we can assist in reviewing all financial reports and recommend corrective measures as needed to maintain business plan objectives.

We will meet regularly with senior management, financial partners and other key stakeholders as directed regarding the Company’s financial and operational activities and objectives.  We will provide input on how these results compare with the business plan – and what changes are recommended to achieve plan objectives.

We can conduct strategic planning sessions with Company senior management to address long-range issues and craft Company growth and development strategies in accordance with the vision of the CEO.

We will continually monitor and satisfactorily control all site development and building costs, consultant fees, G&A, and fixed expenses.   We will recommend leading-edge management techniques to enhance Company operations, reputation, and profitability.

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Land Positioning

We can help ensure the Company has an adequate pipeline of new project locations as reflected in the multi-year land acquisition strategy of the business plan.

We can help ensure all new project locations are consistent with the Company’s adopted capital allocation plan and consistent with the Company’s standards.

We can help establish guidelines for creating viable exit strategies for new and existing acquisitions as needed to meet cash flow requirements or business plan requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

We can help establish market-leading customer service philosophies, techniques and survey recommendations.  We can monitor the Company’s market feedback to ensure the desired levels of customer satisfaction are consistently met or exceeded.

Executive Support

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We will provide all necessary operational backup and support as required by the management team.

We will help ensure the most efficient organizational structure is maintained for each operating department based upon approved business plan.

We will help ensure the most efficient organizational structure is maintained for each operating department based upon the approved business plan.