The Simmons Group, Inc

The Simmons Group is proud to announce their selection as an Elite Expert with IMS Expert Services.  This exclusive designation helps ensure that our clients experience the highest degree of expert witness professionalism, expertise, and ethics.

There is a new paradigm in the world of litigation, business & project management for law firms, land owners, developers, public agencies, builders, lenders, investors, and asset managers.  This paradigm involves new dimensions of creative, ethical, cost-conscious and detail-oriented management, and extends into the complex world of litigation.

With constant changes in markets around the world, as well as standards of practice within the real estate and legal industries, many companies and projects are in a dramatic state of transition.  Stakeholders in real estate assets must take a fresh, strategic look at all aspects of their operations.  As the market and lending environments continue to change, all stakeholders need to take immediate, focused, and decisive action to preserve and maximize their value.

Philip Simmons and the Simmons Group associates provide their clients with over 35 years of experience in managing all phases of real estate land acquisition, entitlement, development, construction and marketing.  As a land use attorney, Philip Simmons has extended this expertise into a comprehensive package of pre-litigation consulting and expert witness services.  The Simmons Group has provided complex development project and organization management services to some of the nation's largest public and private development companies and public agencies, as well as individual land owners, businesses with real estate interests, and real estate oriented law firms.  The Simmons Group offers full project and asset evaluation and management services on major land development, single family, multi-family, commercial and mixed-use projects throughout Southern California.  On an organizational basis, The Simmons Group helps ensure the best possible assessment and response to the numerous legal, financial and operational needs of companies as they face crucial and ever-changing investment and development challenges.

Management for the New Market Reality

Challenging market conditions require discipline and attention to detail that is frequently missing from development teams, from land acquisition feasiblity and analysis through design, construction, finance and marketing.  Since the mid-1990's, the real estate market was strong and profits were soaring.  Many managers stopped counting every dollar and worrying about every day lost from a schedule.  Buyers and tenants were lining up to pay ever-higher prices, and marketing teams became order takers.  Project managers lost their focus and discipline, and many executives were running development teams that had never experienced the type of detail-oriented, disciplined management required when markets are weak or hyper-competitive, margins are thin, and options for repositioning are the order of the day.  The Simmons Group is here to help!


Challenging markets demand disciplined management. 

Residential and Commercial Project Management

The Simmons Group manages all phases of the most complex development projects, from initial land acquisition feasibility through construction and delivery.  We form strategic and operational alliances with developers, lenders, equity investors, land owners, and jurisdictions to ensure maximum profitability for all the projects we manage.  Our consulting team partners are among the best in the industry, and they understand the level of excellence we demand from all members of the project team. 

The Simmons Group is known for:

  • Providing the highest caliber of project management
  • Maintaining uncompromised professional ethics and client loyalty
  • Minimizing costly schedule delays and budget busts
  • Maximizing profits for developers and their financial partners
  • Crafting creative solutions to complex challenges

"Phil proved to be a gifted development professional.  His passionate commitment to the projects, as well as his loyalty and respect for both the company and his development teams, made Phil an admirable leader. His personable, hands-on, and collaborative management style created a synergistic and comfortable professional environment.  He demonstrated an unfailing 'can do' attitude, uncompromised integrity, outstanding public speaking skills, and a consistent positive attitude."
Larry Webb, CEO
John Laing Homes

OUR NEWEST PARTNER !! In our continuing effort to enhance the scope and quality of the services we provide, The Simmons Group is proud to announce an alliance partnership with Alan's Residential Service (ARS), one of Southern California's most talented, creative, ethical and cost-conscious residential remodeling and new construction general contractors. Having provided customized single family contracting services to Simmons Group clients for over 20 years, ARS is among the most professional and dependable general contractors serving the greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire markets. For more information on ARS, please contact The Simmons Group.